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SOFAR 5500KTL-X Three Phase PCU


    • Built-in zero export function
    • IP65 ingress protection
    • 98.2% Max. efficiency up to 98.2%
    • Smart monitoring, RS485, Wifi/Ethernet/GPRS (optional)
    • 2 MPPT high precision string detection
    • I-V curve scanning function
    • Built-in sound and light alarm function
    • Safety protection Anti islanding RCMU Ground , , fault monitoring
    • Standard communication mode – Rs485, Wifi/Ethernet/GPRS(optional), SD card(optional)

Three-phase 2 MPPT Max. efficiency: 98.2%
Lightweight, quick and easy to install
IP65 design for outdoor
Built-in zero export function
140% DC overload
Optional: WiFi/Ethernet
Real time precise MPPT algorithm for max harvest
Interface selection-WI-Fi / RS485 / GPR
High-yield Max 98.2% efficiency Real time precise MPPT algorithm for max harvest Wide input voltage operation range All in one. Flexible and economical system solution Free site selection due to IP65 Easy installation and maintenance due to “Plug & amp; Play” connection Interface selection-WI-Fi / RS485 / GPRS 4” LCD display Built in zero export function(optional) Low maintenance cost Detachable cover for easy installation Rust-free aluminum covers Flexible monitoring solution Intelligent grid management Reactive power capability Self power reducer when over frequency Remote active/reactive power limit control

Sofar 5.5KTL-X PCU technical Data sheet



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