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Who We Are


Energy security for a sustainable world

 We are one of the most preferred integrated energy companies touched by heart and remembered by brain in East and North East region of India, creating value across the renewable energy chain, and delivering societal and economic benefits to people and communities in India who rely on the vital energy.

 Natural Solaris Pvt Ltd is committed to playing a leading role in the energy transition, and our people are working hard to help solve the world’s sustainability challenges.

For our customers, we are a supplier of belief. For our shareholders, we provide long-term value assets. For communities, our ambition is to provide reliable, affordable, and more sustainable energy.


To establish and to be perceived ourselves as one of the most preferred value chain system creator in renewable energy Technology, creating world standard performance in Power generation and Energy conservation delivering core value addition in Indian economy.


To maximize and optimize our wing to reach nooks and corners of this country and enabling all our customers to avail our service and solution with state of the art innovations in the most commercially viable nature with win-win situation and reduction of cost of operation and dependency on Fossil Fuel.


Installation and Commissioning of 500 MW Solar & Wind Power Systems by 2026 and to reach 53000 domestic consumers in Eastern and North East region.

Our Perspective

Natural Solaris Pvt Ltd believes in the power of renewable energy to transform lives, enhance community value chain system, advance human progress, and sustainable home for our planet.

 With global population forecast to increase by two billion over the next 25 years, even more energy will be required to meet rising demand. It will take all available sources of energy to fill this need — both legacy and alternative sources. And while alternative energy sources are steadily making advances, they will only be capable of meeting future demand alone at last.

 We have already demonstrated the potential of technology to reduce emissions from both solar and wind based power plants and we believe India’s future depends on how beautifully and methodically we can manage our vast population with the best utility of renewable energy power sector and gradual less dependence of fossil fuel based power in order to maintain our value proposition to the world.

 Biggoz is a brand of Natural Solaris and Natural Systems group of companies who are proactively doing its part to reliably and sustainably provide the energy products that enable people to seize opportunities that can transform our world.

Where We Are Going

We believe in fair opportunity for all and exploration of talent. That drives to uncover the next frontier or solve the next great problem lies at the heart of our determination to succeed — and has allowed us to build one of the India’s most important energy enterprises. To ensure optimal future performance, we are focused on delivering greater value, creating additional organizational resilience, enabling continued growth, and developing future-proofing technology solutions. Over the next few years, we expect to continue making significant investments in our upstream operations. These strategic investments are designed to help reinforce our preeminent position in oil, maintain our maximum sustainable production capacity, and allow us to carry out an exploration and production program focused on finding and developing conventional and unconventional gas resources.


The main objective of the Company is to undertake developing of quality projects with reliability and efficiency backed up with total service and commitment to the environment. The vision of the company is to buildup Solar Power Plant for rural electrification, commercial application, domestic electric support by the use of solar energy and marketing and distribution of solar product with positive contribution towards socio-economic transformation.


Code of Business Conduct

Our behavior tells what we are — as a company, as employees, as people. Everything we do is anchored by our Values: integrity, excellence, safety, accountability, and citizenship. Our Values are the foundation of Our Code of Business Conduct and the way we do business. When faced with any decision, we consider how each option aligns with these values.

Ethics and Value

Ethics and compliance principles are an integral part within our corporate culture and form the basis for a suite of policies, codes and guidelines that guide and inform our employees as they implement the company’s business strategy. These same components shape our compliance programs which serve as the benchmark against which we measure our performance and that of our partners — contractors, consultants, suppliers, affiliates and joint ventures within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad.

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