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Ip67/ Mc4 Connector 2 Pairs/Male and Female Cable Connectors


Ip67 Solar Panel Connector 2 pairs, male female Wire Cable Connector 2.5,4,6mm

  • 1. MC4 Solar Connector Conductor Pins are Made of Copper with Outer Tin Plated. Made of High Quality PPO + PA material, It makes a rock solid connection after you crimp the pin with wire, and these are operated perfectly under heavy load.
  • 2. With excellent aging resistance and UV endurance, it can be used in harsh environment. Estimated Life 25 Years.
  • 3. Once you complete the installation, your joint is waterproof.
  • 4. This Solar Male/Female Connectors are compatible with different insulation diameters from 2.5mm to 6mm Single and Double PVC Solar DC Wires.


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