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Carport- 5 Degree Carport


Parking space :     2 cars in a single bay
Roof pitch :     5 degree
Nos & Positioning of module :     18 modules – 6 horizontal rows and 3 vertical
   – columns on single bay
Wind capacity :     50m/s
Span :     upto 5.5m
Roof measurements :     6.2 x 6 m
Entrance height :     3m(F) and 2.5m (R)
Roofing :     Solar panels can be mounted to the structure and the same can be used as roof
Advantages :     Economical
  –   Easy installation , climbing on the panels not required
  –   Compatible with all framed PV modules
  –   V shaped support facilitates comfortable parking and turning radius
  –   Customized span available
  –   Space for vehicle door opening without hindrance


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